On each turn, the player must move all his tokens once. If a token has no desirable moved available, then the player must choose to make one of the available "undesirable" moves. The only case where a player is not required move a token is if that token has no moves available to it (including using its items)

Types of MovesEdit

Shift MoveEdit

A token can be moved to a new tile within its movement range (usually 3). This type of move is called "shifting". When shifting tokens can not move through other tokens and must instead walk around them. Movement range is calculated using Manhatten distance (see below)

Item MoveEdit

A Token can have up to 4 items in it's inventory. It can choose to use that item instead of shifting. Some times allow reuse, other items are one time only. Some times can not be used at all and are always "passively" in use just by holding it.

The list of items available in Paranoid and how they can be explained on their own pages.

Interception MoveEdit

Also called "Grabbing". If a Token has at least one available slot in it's inventory, and is adjacent to another token (friendly token, enemy token, neutral token, or container token) then it can perform an Interception Move. Interceptions take an item from the targets inventory and places it in the tokens inventory.

Interceptions can be risky because the player does not know what is in the target's inventory (or if there is anything at all). If there is no item to retreive then the token's move is wasted.

When performing this move on an enemy agent (an Aggressive Interception) then a certain bonus is rewarded to the token if the interception is successful. Aggressive Interception bonuses will be explained on the Interception page.

Interceptions will be explained in further detail on its own page.

Manhattan DistanceEdit

All ranges and distances in Paranoid are calculated as Manhatten distances.

In short, this means diagonal moves are not allowed. And you can shift/shoot/target "further" when going straight up/down or straight left/right.

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