A game of Paranoid is played competitievely between two players. A third player exists in every game which controls the "NPC" AI and moves the true civilians around in accordance to a set of rules. The "Third" Player is also referred to as the "Neutral" Player.

How Moves are DisplayedEdit

At the beginning of each players turn, they see all the moves of the opposing player and the Neutral player animate at the same time. This makes it impossible to determine which player owns which Tokens simply by move order.

Move OrderEdit

Player 1Edit

Player 1 moves first.

Because Player 1 moves before the Neutral player, the player must make his move not knowing where the Neutral players will move to. Player 1 will not know where the NPCs will go and can not coordinate with them.

Neutral PlayerEdit

The Neutral Player moves second.

The Neutral Player (AI controlled player that moves NPCs) makes his move after Player 1's move

Player 2Edit

Player 2 moves last.

Because Player 2 moves after the Neutral player, the player can coordinate his movements with pieces he believes to be neutral when making his move.

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