Items in Paranoid can be used by an agent in each turn instead of shifting (moving to a new square). Some items can be reused multiple times, some can only be used once and are then consumed, and others can't be used at all but instead provide a passive benefit while holding the item.


Weapon items can be used to attack suspect agents. Weapon ranges are calculated using manhatten distance. Weapons can be re-used after shooting and never run out of ammo.

AR-15 Assault RifleEdit

Often the default choice for Shooters. Deals good damage and has good range. Note that when firing the AR-15 that it will reveal the agent firing it. It is often wise to avoid starting a firefight until absolutely necessary. Note that when stealing an AR-15 from an enemy agent as a spy, the assault rifle can not be "shadowed", though it can still be stolen.

Range: 4, Damage: 3

Pistol (Silenced)Edit

Often the default choice for spies. Limited range and damage, but carries the advantage that it is silenced, so it will not reveal the agent firing it. Knowing that the range of the pistol is limited your opponent should be able to make a pretty good guess of who is who, so its best to avoid shooting unless there are Civillians nearby to hide amongst.

Range: 2, Damage: 2

Sniper Rifle (Bolt Action)Edit

Provides ranged power that can eliminate most agents in one shot. Because it is bolt action, after each shot the rifle must be reloaded (reloading consumes an additional turn). Sniper rifles have a minimum range and are not ideal in close quaters. Firing a sniper rifle will reveal your agents. Note that when stealing a Sniper Rifle from an enemy agent as a spy, the sniper rifle can not be "shadowed", though it can still be stolen.

Range: 3-6, Damage: 5


Throwables aren't used against specific targets, they can be thrown to any tile within range. Throwables are consumed after use.

Smoke BombEdit

Use to escape when your cover has been blown. Agents in the smoke bomb cloud will be turned to hidden status if they are revealed. Agents can also note be seen or targeted by weapons while in the smoke bomb cloud. The smoke bomb cloud lasts for 2 turns.

Range: 4, Smoke Cloud Size: 3x3 (square)



Armor provides a passive bonus of +2 HP to the wearer. It's not much but can mean the difference between life and death in many situations. Armor can not be stolen by enemy agents or handed off between friendly agents.

Passive Effect: +2 HP


Intel is the objective in the Dead Drop game mode. Because it is so valuable intel is often the primary thing your opponent's spies are trying to shadow. At any time the agent carrying the intel can "verify" the intel to ensure it hasn't been stolen. To win the Intel Extraction Victory move to the extraction tile and verify the intel.

Passive Effect: Intel, sweet intel.

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