Game pieces come in two forms. Neutral Game Pieces and Player Owned Game Pieces. Game Pieces are sometimes referred to as Tokens, Suspected Agents, Agents (Player owned game pieces), or NPCs (Neutral game pices).

Neutral Game PiecesEdit

All Neutral game pieces show up as gray civillians. Civillians do not cary any items. The goals of NPCs are irrelevant to what the players are doing. Generally they just walk around in circles in an area, or on some boards they might be working on specific tasks in their own world.

Player Owned Game PiecesEdit

Enemy agents are hard to spot. They look just like civillians. Until revealed the other player has no visual cue of what pieces are neutral and what are player owned (except for their own pieces). The only hints they have are by observing how the tokens move, and through the aid of certain items.


The spy's main purpose is for revealing enemy agents, covering your agent's tracks, and retrieving intel. Not to say other tokens cant do these things, but the spy is best equipped for this. The spy typically brings the silenced pistol and smoke (to help maintain cover)

Move Range: 3, Steal Bonus: Shadow, Recommended Items: Silenced Pistol, Smoke


The Shooter is the muscle in the field and very dangerous at close and medium ranges. Because he can not shadow items he acts as more of a support and a backup for the spy. A good trap to put an enemy agent in is to surround it with a spy and a shooter. Use the shooter to steal the agent's weapon and lose a turn, and then take out the agent on the next turn.

Move Range: 3, Steal Bonus: Takedown, Recommended Items: AR-15 Assault Rifle, Armor


The Sniper deals long range high damage shots. Snipers have smaller move ranges and are very exposes in close range. Usually it is best to post up a sniper somewhere it can protect the objective, however this behavior can appear very obvious to your opponent. A single shot from a sniper rifle can take out an enemy agent if he is not wearing Body Armor.

Move Range: 2, Steal Bonus: ???, Recommended Items: Bolt-Action Sniper Rfile

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