Currently the only game mode. Intel is placed in a dead drop. There can be multiple dead drop locations, but only one contains the Intel. Both players are tasked to retrieve it and escape.

Victory ConditionsEdit

Achieving one of these conditions results in a victory for that player.


Eliminate all enemy agents

Intel RetrievalEdit

Retrieve Intel from Dead Drop and escape through the extraction point

Agent CaptureEdit

Force enemy agents into a position where they have no available moves.

Intel Notes, Tips, and TricksEdit

Only one of your agents needs to stay alive and extract the Intel.

In order to pick up the Intel, use the Grab action on Container tile.

Intel can be passed between agents by using the Grab action. Hand offs are useful if an agent has been revealed.

Intel can also be intercepted from enemy agents by using the "Grab" action on them.

Enemy spies can intercept Intel and leave behind "fake" or "shadow" Intel by using the Grab action. If you believe this has happened to you, verify the Intel by "using" it on the agent holding it.

To escape with the Intel, reach the extraction point (usually a door) and use the Intel on the agent holding it to verify it. Intel must be verified before extraction.

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